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We are a family-owned, Native American business. Our Tribe is Tosidom Maidu from Tosim Koyo, Indian Valley, Plumas County.


We started the business to bring the family together, to travel together and work together. The logo was designed by our mother and grandmother, Taras Gaither, who has been an artist her whole life. The name of the business, Niknek Lemonade, means ‘my mom’s lemonade’ in Mountain Maidu. The lemonade has helped our family to come together, learn to run a small business, and helped the kids to learn life skills.


We travel to Native events like pow-wows and Big Times, allowing us to provide service to our fellow people and to expose our children to our diverse Native culture and customs. We are also regulars at the Davis Farmer’s Market, one of the biggest and longest-running farmers’ markets in California. At the Market, we mix our lemonade with fresh fruit purees from local farmers, adding flavors including apricot, elderberry, loquat, mulberry, and blackberry, depending on what is in season.


The Lemon brings us, and all who see it, joy. It creates an opportunity for us to be together, work together, make a living using local, healthy foods, and be part of community events. Niknek is about family, culture, community, and working as a team. 

NikNek, grandmother, artist Taras Gaither